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mozaBook partner training in Cairo

2016. január 6.Jessica Mizerak

One of the services we provide is training and certifications for our international partners in the mozaLearn system to independently hold training sessions for clients in their local market. This is an important part of our business and our partners' business, because we believe that training teachers to use technology is an integral part to the success of digital education and we encourage our partners to hold training sessions for the teachers in their market. One great example of this is a recent training session held by our partners in Egypt, GIMPEX at their office in Cairo.
The training participants came from Exzellenz Zentrum, an institute for language education which hosts a joint post-graduate program between Ain Shams University in Egypt and Leipzig University in Germany. Students who participate in this program of study have already completed a college degree and would like to continue their studies in the German language, with the goal of earning a master's degree in teaching German or Arabic as a foreign language.

GIMPEX held a 2-day training on the effective use of mozaBook in teacher training for the lecturers who conduct the joint degree program. The trainees will eventually use mozaBook as a part of their pedagogy in training Exzellenz Zentrum students who are working towards their teaching degrees. During the training session certified mozaLearn ICT expert trainers from GIMPEX gave the trainees overview of many of the features in mozaBook, focusing on the basic features of the software and many of the tools available in the system.

The group will meet again for a third day of training during which the course participants will make their own presentations using mozaBook. The trainees will also continue to learn about and practice using more features in mozaBook. We bet the training participants will create some great presentations! 

GIMPEX is planning additional training programs for later this year. If you'd like to follow the latest developments and news about mozaBook in Egypt, please visit the Mozaik Egypt page on Facebook. If your company is ready to offer a comprehensive digital presentation and content solution for K-12 education and provide training in your region, please contact us for more information.

Tags: mozaBook training , Egypt
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