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EduTab for innovative education in Austria

2016. január 8.Jessica Mizerak

We’re proud to introduce one of our latest projects: Mozaik Education has teamed up with Microsoft and Lemberger Bildung to bring students in Austria the eduTab, a functional tablet including mozaBook and mozaWeb access. The idea behind eduTab is that students should be able to buy one product which already contains just what they need, without searching for the hardware, apps, learning content, insurance and accessories separately.

That’s why eduTab was designed as an all-in-one solution, ideal for students to use in the classroom and for homework and independent learning at home. EduTab was officially announced at Microsoft’s Education Summit Austria in Vienna in November 2015. If you would like to read more about the event and eduTab, please have a look at the Microsoft Austria website (in German).

EduTab includes the mozaBook software and interactive digital content pre-installed, and also comes with a protective cover and insurance to provide an well-rounded learning experience that is both innovative and practical. For more details about the eduTab, including specifications and the option to purchase are all available on Lemberger Bildung’s website. We hope the eduTab enriched with mozaBook and mozaWeb will give Austrian students a great learning experience!

Tags: Austria , mozaBook , mozaWeb , tablets , eduTab
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