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Mozaik in China

2016. december 7.Jessica Mizerak

You may already know that Mozaik Education is not only a digital content and software developer for education, but also a K-12 textbook publisher. But it might be a surprise to learn where you can find our textbooks around the world... for example, China!

Wuhan Yuanlai is a large company that works in many different lines of business, and education is one part of their business. Yuanlai’s education department creates high-quality educational videos for schools and libraries in China and they have chosen Mozaik Education’s textbooks to expand their offering of international curriculum.

Mozaik Education originally met the Wuhan Yuanlai Education Distribution Company at the Bett Show last year in London and so far Yuanlai has licensed 12 titles for grades 1-6 and are planning to expand their offering of Mozaik textbooks in the future. Among the titles translated into Chinese and available for purchase in China are Secrets of Our Environment, The Earth We Live On, and Natural Science. With the help of mozaWeb and our digital textbooks, Yuanlai is supporting students in learning more independently at home.

To learn more about Mozaik Educations textbooks available for licensing abroad, please contact us.

Tags: China , textbooks , licensed textbooks , mozaWeb
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