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mozaBook on tour in the UK

2016. január 9.Jessica Mizerak

Elementary Technology is a distributor of mozaBook and mozaWeb in the UK. Based in Telford, Elementary sells educational products directly to schools, including interactive whiteboards, projectors and visualizers. When we met the folks at Elementary, we knew the combination of their hardware offering with the mozaBook software and interactive content would make a great solution for teachers!

The staff at Elementary are very active in their sales strategy, traveling all around the country, making presentations in primary and secondary schools, as well as attending workshops, conferences and exhibitions, such as the Bett Show. They also organize their own exhibition, inviting many schools and showing off a range of digital education products alongside their commercial partners.

Last year several Elementary employees came to our headquarters in Szeged to participate in one of our partner training sessions. During that time, they learned about the mozaLearn solutions and the ins and outs of using mozaBook. As enthusiastic participants, they even began planning and creating presentations that they could use on their sales tours while they were still here at training.
If you’d like to find out where Elementary Technology is going next, check out their social media pages. They regularly share information and photos from their presentations and workshops on their Twitter, YouTube channel and blog.

Tags: UK , distribution , mozaBook training , mozaBook
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