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mozaBook on tablets

2016. április 6.Jessica Mizerak

Mozaik Education has always aimed to create software and content that makes current hardware in schools more beneficial for education. Consider the following situation: if teachers have interactive boards, but don’t have any education-specific tools to use on that board, that interactive board is nothing more than very expensive wall decoration which teachers use to write notes on - exactly in the same way they used their traditional whiteboard. Plus maybe they will open one or two photographs from the Internet, helping them skip some trips to the printer. There’s no mistaking that the hardware has a lot of potential, but it’s our development team’s job to think about what we can create to enable that technology to make teachers’ jobs easier, make learning more exciting for students, and actually increase the effectiveness of the digital classroom.

First there were interactive whiteboards. Many schools worldwide received funding to purchase the boards, but there was really no effect on education, in fact it was confusing for many teachers to have the hardware with no clear use or benefit. Now interactive panels are being seen more and more in schools, which is a more versatile technology.  Now we are experiencing the rise of the tablet. Back in 2014, it was already reported that nearly 70% of schools in the UK had tablets for students to use, some schools even went as far as starting programs that would ensure one tablet per student. Besides tablet use in schools, one BBC article stated that 70% of students also had access to tablets at home.

As tablet use in education started increasing, we began to hear more questions about what our mozaBook software and mozaWeb platform could do for students with tablets. Our team immediately responded to this feedback by beginning to develop tablet applications for mozaBook. Tablets running the Windows operating system can actually run the fully-functional mozaBook software, in the very same way that it works on a PC. In fact, in Austria there is already a great education hardware/software package on the market called eduTab, an impressive combination the Microsoft tablet, Lemberger publications and the mozaBook platform.

Our latest release of the mozaBook application for tablets is for Android. mozaBook is already available on Google Play and this application allows students to use their teachers' presentations and digital textbooks right on their tablet, as well as run all of the interactive educational tools and game applications, interactive 3D scenes and videos within.

Along with this rise in tablet use for education comes a larger need for good classroom management functionality. mozaBook CLASSROOM includes a classroom management menu which allows teachers to start a virtual classroom. Once teachers start their classroom connection, they receive a code. The students simply open mozaBook and enter that code on their tablet to join the virtual classroom environment. Teachers can always see who is connected and who isn’t, as well as get screenshots any time, to make sure everyone is on track. Teachers can also share pages of a textbook or Exercise books (presentations) directly to students’ devices. In addition, teachers can send tools, games, tests, assignments, videos or images to students. Students can use that digital content and make basic notations.

mozaBook is a unique software that brings content together for teachers. Why is it unique, you ask? The edtech industry has created a lot of useful programs for digital classrooms over the last decade, but this has resulted in many tools made by many different developers, made for use on various platforms. This makes it rather difficult to navigate for teachers who already have very little time for lesson planning. mozaBook brings a large range of tools, games and content into one presentation software, allowing teachers to use our huge library of content, their own files, elements from the Internet and textbooks all into one program. It's a great way of tying all the elements of digital learning together.

One final note for all edtech and Android fans: several individual 3D models are available for download on the Google Play Store, so feel free to try our interactive content for free!

Tags: tablets , mozaBook , mozaWeb , 3D models
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