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Teaching presentation skills at school

2016. április 17.Olga Pushkina

The ability to create a concise, well designed, and persuasive presentation is a skill that is hard to overestimate in the modern world. In fact, success in some business roles is almost entirely up to one’s presentation skills. I personally spend a fair amount of time here at Mozaik making presentations for our Business partners from all over the world, and know very well that a good presentation can take you a long way.

By now I feel that I can comfortably create and perform a good presentation, but achieving this state took me quite a while. I very well remember my numerous fiascos as a presenter, which I should be honest had as much to do with lack of preparation as with lack of experience. I naturally improved over time, but I still feel that if I had taken a formal presentation skills course at school it would save me quite a bit of trouble and anxiety.Don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that schools are totally failing at teaching students how to make presentations. I have gone through various education systems in different countries and should say that many of my teachers dedicated quite a lot of hours to listen to oral reports by students. What I was not taught, however, was how to create a good presentation using modern technology, and how to deliver my message in a convincing way. Nor was I ever really given feedback on the way I delivered the message. Instead the focus was only on the quality of research I performed to get the information that was required to create the presentation. I was doing a lot of presenting during my school years, but it never seriously crossed my mind that presentation skills is something I should give a lot of my attention to. Thus my argument is not that more school hours should be dedicated to teaching presentation skills, but rather that the way they are taught, especially taught in high school should be revised.

It is important to teach students to create a wholesome presentation that is enjoyable to listen to and leaves the audience with the right questions and conclusions. The type of a high quality presentation everyone is so used to watching on TED Talks for inspiration. Story-telling techniques have already conquered the business world and it is about the time they are introduced into the classroom which is a perfect place for them not only to be used by teachers, but also to be taught to students.

We are big fans of presentation skills here at Mozaik Education, we even created this awesome educational presentation software called mozaBook that is designed specifically to make it easier for the teachers to make truly impressive presentations (or lessons, as we are used to calling them in the educational world) for the students. The version of mozaBook for home use, called mozaBook Personal, was created to give students an opportunity to prepare high quality presentations at home and present them to the class during the lesson or share them online.

The technology has already made it possible to transform students into presentation gurus and now it is up to the teachers to use this technology in the classroom.

Download a free trial version of mozaBook Multilang and discover the advanced presentation tools that were created specifically for educational purposes. Nowhere else will you find a presentation software that comes together with a huge package of educational 3Ds and videos at no extra cost!

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