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The importance of donating blood

2016. szeptember 1.Kelly Kennedy

Mozaik Education would like to do our part to raise awareness of the global blood shortages and the urgent need to donate blood worldwide. Please donate today! #MissingType


Many people are well intentioned and want to donate blood, but often say they “don’t have enough time.” Others may be uninformed in regards to the safety of the process. However, what is more important is to consider how precious time is for those awaiting a critical transfusion when their very safety is at stake. Blood is short… time is short… please search “give blood” in your web browser to find the nearest opportunity to donate today!    

There is a lot of good and relevant information for students contained in this video, including the requirements to donate, process, safety precautions and much more.  Watch our friend Milan give blood like a champ! He doesn’t even flinch! And neither should you at the opportunity to save a life.  



Mozaik believes that education is the key to overcoming ignorance and misunderstanding. Just 5 minutes could change your student’s perspective on the safety of the process, inform them of the importance of this lifesaving human service, and alleviate any fears they might have along the way. Information is power and 5 minutes is all it takes to plant the seed for informed, future blood donors.

Or better yet, turn it into an entire lesson with our human blood 3D!


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