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No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

2016. október 17.Kelly Kennedy

From the perspective of teachers, with all their responsibilities, there can be an ambivalent attitude toward incorporating new technologies into the classroom.  I know because I am a teacher.  I have been in the meetings and seen the frustrated faces of those thinking:  “Not again.  Another big idea from the administration which will only mean more work for me…” or “There goes my lunch break!”  However, with mozaBook and mozaWeb there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  With our simple drag and drop function, you can seamlessly integrate your existing lesson plans onto our platform and transform them into exciting, interactive publications or presentations.  If you have a lesson plan in PDF or pptx. format, which is tried, tested and effective, you can simply upload the file onto our software and begin using mozaBook and mozaWeb to supplement your lessons.

Each student acquires information differently; be it visually, verbally, via movement or tactile means.  Our software facilitates differentiated instruction by presenting each new concept in a variety of modalities and gives you back the command of your classroom.  Not every student is engaged in a lesson simply by auditory means.  Does this mean teachers should stop speaking?  Of course not… However, when you are standing in front of a visual learner, lecturing about how an aqueduct works, it is no wonder that they are looking out the window for stimulation as you’re speaking.

Simply lecturing to a visual learner is no different than not speaking to an auditory learner.  We need to speak their language in order to engage them in our ideas.  They need to see the water wheel and aqueduct!  For instance, here is our 3D animation of Syrian water wheels from the 13th century. Two anticipated questions regarding this concept are 1) What makes the wheel move?  2) How does the water not spill from the moving buckets?  Don’t simply explain these phenomena, allow your students to see the damming process and the effect of kinetic energy in action.  Show them the buckets releasing the water only at the top in order to demonstrate this elegant, yet simple design.  Allow your students the benefit of direct experience rather than forcing them to reinvent the wheel in their own minds!  They need to watch it work in order to understand its purpose, relevance and significance.   

Visual learners convert words into pictures in their minds.  While they are more skilled at this than most, it requires a lot of energy and they can tire easily.  With Mozaik’s software, you can give your students a break and demonstrate important concepts with one of our 3D drawings or photos from our digital library.  You will see your visual learners perk up and their eyes get big as you show them one of our 3D drawings, because our 3D pictures are so real, they practically jump off the screen and grab your student’s attention.  And that’s the point, your students will love it.  When students are engaged, they are learning.  

All students learn by doing.  Allow them the opportunity to reinforce what was learned by playing one of our engaging and interactive games. The focus of a professional development seminar that I attended on solidifying skill mastery showed that students must practice a skill 7 times, on average, in order to obtain mastery of that skill.  Therefore, practice really does make perfect.

As our understanding of the educational process evolves, we realize where our approach to teaching and understanding of the learning process had been lacking.  When students are engaged, they are learning. When students are learning, they aren’t being disruptive. When students aren’t disruptive, but rather focused on the lesson, the teacher has the freedom to address the content and actually teach.  The more modalities you can present to your students, the higher percentage of them will be engaged in the lesson and the happier a teacher, you will be.  

With the functionality of Mozaik’s software, you can address the variety of your student’s understanding and play to their strengths rather than the conventional ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching.  

Do you have the perfect lesson to teach phonics to young readers?  Great!  With a few clicks you can add it to our software and begin the process of making our software work for you by adding customized, interactive letter cards or random exercises to your favorite phonics lesson.  It’s time to make phonics phun.  Simply import your lesson and you can add 3D models, cool exercises or interactive games from our media library. Not only that, but with Mozaik, collaboration is a cinch! With our software, you can upload and share your favorite lesson plans with your colleagues or upload them on mozaWeb so your students can practice at home with their parents.  We want teachers to be able to make technology work for them in the classroom, not the other way around.  This is why we also offer an incredibly user-friendly, easy-to-use platform (essentially, your grandma could use it), and even offer to train teachers in using our software!  

At Mozaik Education, we believe that technology is meant to make the teacher’s life easier, while simultaneously making the lessons more engaging, interactive, and effective for your students. We know how difficult teaching is. Many of us are teachers. Our goal at Mozaik Education is to make your life better and give you the most benefit from the software, without ever missing a lunch break.   

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