Automatic saving and publication of exercise books

2015. november 30.András Szőke

For years, the exercise books that we prepared at home could be saved to our school computer only with the help of various data media, furthermore, we could bring school exercise books home merely on a USB drive. In the latest mozaBook version there is already the possibility to synchronize exercise books through the Internet and save them automatically into our own on-line account. We can also manually upload exercise books from time to time as to this account then open it when logged-in at the last updated point.

A more comfortable solution is to authorize automatic saving. With this, after closing our exercise books, the modifications performed within them are automatically saved into our on-line account. Consequently, the latest version of the desired exercise book will always open on each and every computer on which mozaBook is installed.

Exercise books cannot only be made available for ourselves through the Internet, but we can also share them with our colleagues at the same institution. In the case we feel that some of our lesson plans would be highly useful for a broader community too, mozaBook provides the opportunity to publish these exercise books. Of course, we can also download and use other exercise books prepared and published by other teachers. We can search for these with the help of the Media Library. The desired exercise book has simply to be dragged from the media library to mozaBook and it is already at hand for use.

Tags: booklet, exercise book, automatic save, synchronizing
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