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Az inkák háziasították. A hegyekben él, tejéért, selymes szőréért tartják. Szőre a birkagyapjúnál is melegebb.




alpaca, even-toed ungulate, mammal, herbivore, Inca, pet, South America, Andes, milk, mountain range, wool, animal, vertebrates, biology

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The jaguar

The jaguar, which catches its prey with one leap, is one of the most dangerous predators in South America.


Cattle typically live in stables. They were domesticated around the same time as swine. Cow's milk is one of our most popular drinks.

Dél-amerikai tapír

Egy ritka faj, az ”eleven fosszília”. Szaglása kiváló, jellegzetes, lehajló ormányának köszönhetően.


A tevefélék családjába tartozó guanakó egykor Dél-Amerika egyik legelterjedtebb állata volt, ám mára a kihalás szélére sodródott.

Predators of the cold zones and climates

This video presents the diet and hunting behaviour of wolverines, Siberian tigers and snow leopards.

The American bison

The closest relative of cattle that has become almost extinct. They used to live in the prairies, today they can only be found in several national parks.

The barbary sheep

This video explains why the Barbary sheep on the savannahs bear such a strong resemblance to goats.

The camel

Why do camels have humps? Where do these extremely hardy animals live? Learn the answers from this video.

The fallow deer

It likes oak forests. It is easily recognisable by its chestnut coat with cream-coloured mottling.

The giraffe

The tallest animal on the planet, yet it has the same number of vertebrae as humans.

The green-winged macaw

A brightly coloured and extremely loud parrot whose screams can be as loud as 110 dB. In humans, long-term exposure to sounds of such intensity can cause...

The llama

A typical animal of the Andes kept as a beast of burden as well as for its meat and wool.

The ring-tailed lemur

This prosimian is an excellent example for a species' evolution in geographical isolation.Lemur means 'ghost' in Latin.

The wild boar

A common inhabitant of forests; it is the ancestor of the domesticated pig.


A víziló Közép-Afrika jellegzetes emlőse, mely főként a mocsaras területeket kedveli, ahol kedvére dagonyázhat.

Vöröshasú maki

A mintegy 30 millió éve Madagaszkáron kifejlődött makik egyedi fejlődési utat jártak be elszigeteltségük miatt.

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