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Kisebb módosulásokkal a földtörténeti középidőből visszamaradt fafaj, egy igazi élő kövület.




Ginkgo biloba, ginkgo, ginkgo biloba, Ginkgoaceae, dioecious, living fossil, deciduous, ornamental tree, herb, fossil, wind-pollinated, male catkin, fleshy aril, Alzheimer's disease, butyric acid, dementia, plant, gymnosperm, tree, biology

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Mediterranean climate

It is characterised by dry, hot summers and mild winters.


Pines are conifer trees characteristic of the taiga. The timber of pine trees is a popular raw material in the furniture industry.

The fig tree

Learn about the fig tree and its extraordinary fruit and find out about its medicinal properties as well..

The subtropics

The subtropics are located between the tropical and temperate zones, between 23.5° and 40° latitude in both hemispheres.

The taiga

Among the climate zones with the greatest extremes, the taiga only formed in the Northern hemisphere. The scenery is breathtaking, and the population is scarce.

A close-up view of the pine family

There are around 220 species in the family Pinaceae. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut trees in parks and on playgrounds are a sight to behold. They are native to southeastern Europe and Southwest Asia.

Közönséges dió

A magyar vidéki udvarok kedvelt fája, csonthéjas terméséért, jó minőségű faanyagáért egyaránt ültetik.

The English oak

The most widespread tree species in temperate forests. It grows slowly. Its timber is popular in the furniture industry.

The Genus salix

The structure, use and medicinal properties of trees living by water.

The London plane

A popular tree both on the old continent and in America.

The sessile oak

After you have seen this video, you will be able to tell the English oak from the sessile oak.

The white poplar

A forest tree species characteristic of floodplains. It survives long periods of time in saturated or completely flooded ground.


Jellegzetes levélalakjáról könnyen felismerhető tölgyféle, kedvelt parkfa. Észak-Amerikából származik.

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