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Test tutorial 4.

Let’s find out how to use the Test Editor tool.




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On-screen labels

Test, Table, Place words, numbers or images in the correct cells in the table., Sets, Place words, numbers or images in the correct sets., Table, Place words, numbers or images in the correct cells in the table., Select a template., Enter the exercise., Enter column and row headers. , Click here to open the Media library., Click here if there is no need to fill in the headers for the rows., Insert the elements from the Media library into the correct places., The width and height of the cells can be changed., Add extra items., Words can also be added to the exercise., Customise the look of your exercise here., Click on the objects in the upper left and right corners to change them., Save the exercise., Drag & drop the items to the correct places., Click here if the exercise still needs editing., Click here to lock an item as a clue for the exercise., Click here to undo changes., Add a new exercise., Arrange words, numbers or images in sets., Enter the exercise text., Set the number of sets here., Resize or reposition the sets., Name the sets., Drag & drop images to the exercise or click on the + icon to add text., Click on the arrows to go to the next exercise or the previous one., Click here to edit the worksheet., Click on the bin icon to delete the current exercise. , Click here to open worksheet settings., Click here to delete all your previous answers., Click here to check your results., Insert the worksheet into your exercise book so it can be used later.
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