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The Dolomites

These astonishingly spectacular rock towers and breathtaking panoramas make the Dolomites unique among all the mountain ranges in Europe.




Dolomites, Europe, mountain range, mountains, summit, Italy, The Alps, Dolomieu, talus cone, Alpine glow, The Tertiary Period, ice age, debris, weathering, fragmentation, frost-fragmentation, mountain formation, tarn, Alpine meadow, coniferous forest, needle, lakes, rock, UNESCO, World Heritage, limestone mountain, sea, coral, Coral reef, mountain climbing, physical geography, nature, agriculture, history of the Earth, geology, sports, leisure, geography

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The Dolomites, Dieudonné de Dolomieu, Magnesium, Sea, Tertiary Period, 3000 m, Talus cones, Alpine glow, Tarn, Conifers
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