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The barbary sheep

The barbary sheep

This video explains why the Barbary sheep on the savannahs bear such a strong resemblance to goats.




barbary sheep, sheep, mammal, even-toed ungulate, ruminant, tülkösszarvúak, horn, Africa, herbivore, desert, semidesert, rocky area, bárány, pack animal, animal, vertebrates, biology

On-screen labels

pack animal, common phylum, barbary sheep, sheep, goat, barbary sheep, 130-160 cm, 80-100 cm, males weigh 2x more, soft, thick mane, small, pointed ears, nostrils cut at an angle, Kobe Bryant, 198 cm, 93 kg, curved, ribbed horns, short tail, lives in family-based communities, Barbary sheep, Diet: grass, leaves, herbaceous plants, Weight: 35-140 kg, Life expectancy: 20-25 years
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