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The camel

The camel

Why do camels have humps? Where do these extremely hardy animals live? Learn the answers from this video.




camel, two-humped, dromedary, Bactrian, even-toed ungulate, mammal, tevefélék, Africa, desert, Asia, herbivore, eurytopic, fatty deposit, herd, sand, pen, temperature fluctuation, male camel, horse, foal, animal, vertebrates, biology

On-screen labels

The ships of the desert, domesticated approx. 5000 years ago, Humps are fatty deposits, A single drink involves 140 litres of water, Sealable nostrils, Thick eyelashes, Hot desert climate, Desert of the temperate climate zone, Hot desert, minimal precipitation, great thermal fluctuation , Desert of the temperate climate zone, extreme thermal fluctuation , lives in Asia, Bactrian camel, lives in Africa, Dromedary, Height 2 m, Length 3 m, Weight 500 kg, Even-toed ungulate, Ruminant, lives in herds, Camel, Diet: herbaceous plants and carrion, Body mass: 350-650 kg, Life expectancy: 40 years
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