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The lion

King of the savannahs, the lion is at top of its food chain. Its only enemy is man.




lion, mammal, macskafélék, felid, savannah, Africa, predator, mane, carnassial tooth, apex predator, pack, food chain, cat, canine, heraldic animal, animal, vertebrates, biology

On-screen labels

Savannah grassland , live in prides, Food chain of the Savannah, top predator (lion), primary consumer (zebra), producer (grassland), hunt in groups, fast movement, excellent eyesight and hearing, The retractable claws, roundish head , sharp teeth, Carnivore teeth , incisors, canine tooth , carnassial teeth, mane, males are much larger, live for 10-14 years, 1-5 cubs, the lion, diet: ungulates, rodents, ratites, carcasses, weight: 150-250 kg, life expectancy: 10-14 years
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