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The ring-tailed lemur

The ring-tailed lemur

This prosimian is an excellent example for a species' evolution in geographical isolation.Lemur means 'ghost' in Latin.




Ring-tailed lemur, lemuriform, catta, monkey, lemur, mammal, primates, isolation, Madagascar, herbivore, group, animal, vertebrates, biology

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also known as the lemur catta, prosimian, primates, prosimians, ring-tailed lemur, true monkeys, lar gibbon, Africa, Madagascar , Mozambique Channel , In biology, the phenomenon of a geographical factor preventing contact between individual specimens is called geographical isolation or spatial isolation. , lemur means "ghost", body length 40-45 cm, tail length 50-60 cm, opposable thumbs , groups, Fossa, The natural enemy of the ring-tailed lemur., In captivity they can even reach the age of 30, Ring-tailed lemur, Diet: flowers, fruits, leaves, insects, Weight: 2-6 kg, Life expectancy: 15-16 years
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