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The wild boar

The wild boar

A common inhabitant of forests; it is the ancestor of the domesticated pig.




wild boar, mammal, even-toed ungulate, omnivorous, tusk, sounder, Wild piglet, gumós zápfog, snout, sow, subadult, pig, domestic pig, kan, truffle, viviparous, forest, animal, vertebrates, biology

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9000 years ago, even-toed ungulate, omnivorous, 100-150 cm, male: 50-200 kg, sow: 40-150 kg, black, dark brown , light brown, enlarged canine tooth, 4-10 piglets, wild piglet, light and dark stripes, visible for 9 months, lives up to 10-12 years, skull of a wild boar, incisor, huge canine tooth, the tusk, cusped molar, poor eyesight, excellent hearing and sense of smell, finds truffles in the ground, wild boar, parts of plants, worms, insects, forage, meat, 40-200 kg, 10-12 years, tusk, diet:, weight:, life expectancy:
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