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How can I activate my digital publication?

17/09/2020, 09:43

If you have a valid activation code, you can use it to activate the corresponding digital publication. This means that you can assign the book to your user account. If you purchased the book for yourself and assigned it to your account right after completing the purchase, you do not need to activate it again.

1) Activation on mozaWeb

Log into mozaWeb then click on myLearn > Activate new code and enter the activation code (2). You do not have to type the dashes, those will be added automatically. (The activation code in the picture below is just a sample.) Click on the 'Check' button (3).

If you have entered a valid code, a message panel will pop up, showing details of the corresponding book. If these details are correct, click on 'Activate' (4). In the case of a successful activation, a notification message will appear, including information on the validity of the book, and you will be able to open the activated book right away (5).

2) Activation in mozaBook

On the main page of mozaBook, click on the 'Add new book' icon (1), then choose 'Activation code' (2).

Enter the activation code without the dashes (3), then click OK (4). (The activation code in the picture below is just a sample!)

If you entered a valid code and the activation was successful, you can download the book (5).

If you use mozaBook on an additional computer where your mozaWeb account is set up, your activated book will also appear in that copy of mozaBook as a downloadable publication.

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