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Where can I enter the mozaBook licence code I purchased?

31/03/2016, 10:59

After installation, when you first run the software, you will be asked to enter your mozaBook licence code (1). Enter the licence code without hyphens to activate it (2). If you have not yet purchased a licence and have chosen the demo mode (3), you can enter the licence code later.


If you use mozaBook in demo mode, you can see the number of days left until the trial period expires on the login screen. To enter the licence code during the trial period, click on the countdown (4).

You can also enter and modify the licence code in the software settings.
To do so, choose 'General' in the settings menu (5), select 'mozaBook login' (6) in the settings panel and click on 'New licence code' (7). After you restart the software, mozaBook will ask you to enter the licence code.

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