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Why do I have to set up a local username and a mozaWeb account in mozaBook?

31/03/2016, 11:06

What is a local user?

mozaBook allows multiple users to use the software on the same computer (e.g. several teachers in one classroom). The drawings, notes, presentations and content created and inserted into the software will always be saved to the account of the active local user, so these will only be visible for that particular user. It is therefore necessary for the program to be able to identify local users.

The local user serves to log into mozaBook, as well as to separate and protect the custom content of mozaBook users.

If you are the only person using the software on your computer and you feel it is unnecessary to have a password to protect the content you created in mozaBook, activate the automatic login on the login screen (1). From the next time you start the software you will no longer be asked to enter your log in data.


Why is it necessary to add your mozaWeb account?

Your mozaWeb account identifies you in our system. The permissions set for your account determine what content you can access on mozaWeb and in the mozaBook software. The books you purchase, the exercise books you create and the saved states of tools are all linked to your account.

In order to synchronise the content you have access to and make it available for you in mozaBook and on mozaWeb, it is advisable that you also add your mozaWeb account when you create a mozaBook local user. This setting can also be done or modified later in the settings menu in mozaBook.

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