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How can I try the mozaMap software?

04/05/2016, 10:39

The mozaMap digital map software can be downloaded and tried for free. The software contains the Tables of contents of the digital atlases, which can be purchased separately, to see what maps they contain. Some of the maps can be freely opened without buying an atlas.

Choose mozaMap in the Shop menu (1):

Click Download mozaMap in order to download the software (2):

Enter your name, email address and country (3), then click Download (4):

Once the installer is downloaded, start it and follow the instructions. When the installation is finished, start mozaMap. Select an atlas from the list of digital atlases at the bottom (5) and open it (6):

If you had previously purchased the selected atlas, you can activate it using the activation code you received after you made the purchase. If you do not have an activation code for the selected atlas, choose demo mode to try it(7):

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