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Changing your hard drive or your computer; reinstalling mozaBook; entering a new licence code

04/08/2020, 16:28

When you change your hard disk or your computer, you can transfer mozaBook local user accounts, content, data, and the software licence to the new computer.

Open Settings (1) and select 'mozaBook login' (2). Write down the licence code (3) of the program. Click on 'New Licence Code' (4) to disconnect the licence from the computer, making it reusable.

The local user accounts, folders, and custom content created in mozaBook are stored in the 'Program Files/Mozaik/mozaLogin' folder on your computer. Save this folder to an external storage device (such as a USB flash drive).

mozaBook can not be copied to the new hard disk or new computer by copying the entire folder structure, because folder permissions must be set by the installer. Therefore, install mozaBook on the new hard drive or computer, then find the 'Program Files/Mozaik/mozaLogin' folder and overwrite it with the folder you saved earlier.

Start mozaBook and enter the licence code. If you have overwritten the 'mozaLogin' folder, you will see the same user as in the old mozaBook. The books have to be downloaded again, but the drawings, notes and other supplementary content created in them will be available because the program also saves these in the 'mozaLogin' folder.

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