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Can I use mozaBook on an Apple MacOS computer?

05/02/2020, 16:09

To use mozaBook on a computer running a Mac OS X (iMac, MacBook) you need to install Windows on a virtual machine. You will need a Windows Installer, a valid Windows activation code and a virtual machine software, e.g. Oracle's freely available VirtualBox, as well as 50 GB free disk space.

You can download the Windows Installer for free from the Microsoft home page.

To download VirtualBox, open the following page and click on the 'OS X hosts' link. You may need administrator rights or a password to install the software.

Once VirtualBox is successfully installed and launched on your computer, click on the 'New' button in the top left corner of the program window to create a new virtual machine. Select the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Windows 10 version. By clicking on the 'Next' button, the software will ask you how much RAM you wish to allocate for the virtual machine and you will need to specify the size of the hard drive.

You need to allocate at least 2GB RAM, but if your computer has a lot of memory, it is recommended you allocate 4GB or more for the virtual machine, up to half of the amount of RAM in your computer. To see how much RAM is installed in your computer, click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and then on 'About this Mac' menu item.

Set the size of the hard drive to at least 40GB and select Dynamically allocated as the physical storage type.

Once the virtual machine has been created, click on the Settings button to access the settings of the virtual machine. Then click on the 'Storage' menu and select the 'Empty' CD drive. Then click on the CD icon on the right side of the screen to find the Windows 10 installer you have previously downloaded from the Microsoft home page.

Click on OK to apply the storage settings and open the virtual machine by clicking on the Start button marked with a green arrow. This will start the Windows installation. By following the steps the Windows operation system will run in a separate window within macOS. In this window, you can install and run mozaBook as you would on a Windows computer.

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