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How can I send feedback and bug reports in mozaBook?

04/08/2020, 16:28

If you experience any technical problems or errors while working in mozaBook, or if you have any comments about using mozaBook, you can send us feedback. To do this, click on the gear icon in the toolbar, then select Feedback.

Once you select Feedback, a new window will appear. It contains your name and registered email address, as well as a field below your data, where you can enter your feedback or explain your technical problem.. We recommend that you upload a relevant screenshot as well, to illustrate the problem you encountered. Besides pictures, you can also add videos with a simple drag&drop. You can also select the reason for the feedback, such as an error in a video, error in a 3D scene, or a recommendation (new functions, topic for a new 3D scene, etc...).

Send your feedback by clicking on the blue envelope button in the bottom right corner of the Feedback window.

Thank you for using the Feedback function.

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