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Why can't I open 3D scenes?

13/08/2020, 12:31

To view 3D scenes, you need the Mozaik 3D viewer. If you click on a 3D scene on our web page the viewer will start automatically, in case it is installed on your device.

Where can I download it?

If the viewer is not installed on your device, mozaWeb will automatically prompt you to download it, as soon as you click on a scene. Click on the message displayed on top of the page to download the viewer (1).

If no such message has been displayed, please download the installer that matches your operating system from the following links:

Windows installer: download
Mac OS X installer: download
Android (minimum Android 4.0): Play Store
iOS: App Store
Linux installer (Debian-based distributions, e.g.: Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix): download (32bit) , download (64bit)
Linux installer (RedHat-based distributions, e.g.: RedHat, Suse, Fedora): download (32bit) , download (64bit)
Distribution-independent Linux packages: download (32bit) , download (64bit)

How can I install it?

In Windows and Mac OS, run the installer you have downloaded. In Windows, the installation is completely automatic. In Mac OS X, install the software as usually.

In Android and iOS the above links lead you to the official store sites. You can install the viewer from there in the usual way.

Most Debian-based and RedHat-based Linux distributions have a graphical package manager, which usually allows users to install the 3D viewer by double-clicking on it in the file manager. Depending on the configuration of your operating system, you may need the administrator password.

If you do not have a Debian-based or RedHat-based Linux distribution, download the distribution-independent package and unzip it in the root directory. To do so, you may need administrator rights.

Please make sure that you download the file/package that matches your operating system (32bit or 64bit)

Once the installation is complete, try to open a 3D scene.

I have installed the viewer, but I still cannot view 3D scenes

If you cannot open 3D scenes immediately after the installation is complete, first check if you have installed the viewer that is appropriate for your operating system. If this is ok, but the problem persists, close and reopen your browser. If the problem is not yet solved, restart your computer/mobile device.

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