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mozaBook puts everything in its right place

5 December 2016Libor Ildikó

The Mozaik Team is often asked at exhibitions and trainings about teachers’ opinions on mozaBook. One of the teachers from the University of Szeged Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education Practicum and Primary Art School, Libor Ildikó was kind enough to tell us why she likes mozaBook. Read her opinion below, get inspired and download the trial version of mozaBook for your school so you can see for yourself what the software has to offer.

“Textbooks are the indispensable basis of the educational process, being the library of information to be learnt and taught at the same time. When I take a book in my hands, I can utilize the knowledge gathered in it; however, today this seems insufficient, as students expect more and teachers want to give more.

In the past, the use of interactive boards, projectors, and audio and video players in the classroom required a great deal of effort and preparation from teachers. But fear not, for mozabook provides the perfect solution to this problem: now you can collect all the supplementary content that you wish to upgrade your lessons with - something that previously required the parallel usage of many different tools or equipment - in one place.

The  images, audio files, 3D models, etc. prepared in mozaBook are directly related to the topics covered in the K12 curriculum, and can all be added both to the relevant chapter or unit of the textbook you are using and your own presentation.

mozaBook makes it easy to enrich your textbook and make your lessons more colourful by adding images, audio and video files related to your lesson. Insert the images, audio or video segments as icons on the margins and play them with a single click when needed.

The presentation of interactive content inserted as icons to the margins of the textbook does not require the use of additional devices or drivers. mozaBook’s framework contains all necessary media players to run smoothly.

Another advantage of mozaBook is that the inserted content is saved into the software, so it becomes retrievable any time. This way you can reuse your presentations from class to class, one academic year after another.”

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