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Teachers have it rough these days

12 December 2016Zsófia Gábriel

Teachers have it rough these days.

As you can see from this blog post, in addition to having to adhere to the national curriculum, teachers need to motivate disinterested students, consider each student’s individual needs, build a sense of community within their classroom, and create assessments that measure both skill development and critical thinking. Pretty overwhelming... How can one have their cake and eat it, too? Let’s take a closer look.

Whatever methodology a teacher prefers, the presentation of a topic is crucial to how much a student will remember. Lessons need to awaken perception and get kids thinking, otherwise they are prone to overload their minds with unnecessary information, either because they don’t understand the material, or they don’t know how to employ brainwork. However, using mozaBook will ensure students acquire knowledge while applying logical links, and will be able to recall many details vividly. Highlighting, chart creation and animation are just a few of the many basic features mozaBook incorporates in order to warrant the best and most effective teaching and learning experience. Audiovisual stimuli can also assist learning, emphasizing the most important points and clarifying thought processes. Not only that, our 3D models, audio, visual, and other interactive content can be searched and inserted into a presentation in, literally, seconds.

Whether one agrees with the concept of standardized testing or not, it is still the preferred method to measure student growth. It is also the framework for most school leaving exams; practically every country subjects their schoolchildren to this form of assessment during their formative years in the education system. Therefore, even though teachers might not like it or agree, they must prepare their students for certain milestones, which are, of course, based on the national curriculum. So, what’s a teacher to do? Make the best of a bad situation! Open up mozaBook, and amaze students into a deeper understanding of the subject, and maybe even get them excited about the lesson! With our packed media library and wide range of tools and games at their disposal, teachers can show students instead of telling them, engage them instead of boring them, and motivate them to learn instead of making them averse to the education process. Regardless of the topic, we have the content, and everything we offer is interactive, detailed, and customizable. This gives teachers more confidence in their lessons and ensures students are always engaged. We already have enough content to last any teacher a lifetime, but we are constantly producing even more solutions.

Practice… Practice… Practice... This simple word often defines the difference between success and failure, and this is especially true in today’s classroom. Classwork, homework and assessment are key components to solidifying the learning that takes place during class. It is possible to automatically generate assignments directly from mozaBook and upload them to mozaWeb as a homework assignment, without missing a beat. This can actually be completed, during instruction time, without disrupting the class. In just 3 clicks, mozaBook can generate a test from the content you are presenting, as you are presenting it; 2 more clicks, and it can be uploaded as homework. These tests can also be sent to students’ devices, such as smartphones or tablets for real time responses and feedback from students. Now, this is incorporating technology into the classroom! This is mozaMagic! Moreover, to help youngsters develop critical thinking skills and cultivate an inquisitive mind, the teacher can organize debates or quiz games as collaborative exercises in class. Fun activities always heighten interest and increase productivity, and a little friendly competition brings out the best in team spirit, and positively impacts the classroom community. Who’s to say evaluation can’t be enjoyable? Teachers and students all prefer a more relaxed class atmosphere, where participants feel safe to ask questions or pose dilemmas. After all, the ultimate aim of education is to build knowledge while stimulating curiosity, is it not?

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