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MS Teams integration of our digital educational solutions

13 July 2020Máté Fazekas

Mozaik is proud to announce our MS Teams integration with our digital educational solutions. Mozaweb can now be installed as a third party tab app inside your Microsoft Teams providing a single sign-on and direct access to our content.  

After automatically opening the relevant page, you are free to explore our extensive interactive media library including 1200+ 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos, dozens of tools and games to engage your students in a remote learning environment with Microsoft's general-purpose chat application.  You can open up an exercise book, digital publications and reach your homework. You have unlimited access through Teams to the wide range of features that our digital educational solutions offer. With the single-sign-on, registration is quick and easy, and you can immediately access our entire media library through MS Teams without wasting time and effort. 

Check out this informational video about our MS Teams integration below:

Please follow the steps below to install it:

1. Inside MS Teams, search for the Apps tab.

2. Click on the "Upload a custom app" option, and browse in this zip file

The app will be soon availabel for installation using Team's native search function as well.





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