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New Digital Education Packages from Vodafone

30 October 2020Máté Fazekas

We are happy to announce that Mozaik Education’s new Digital Education Packages, created in the framework of a partnership with Vodafone, are available for Vodafone customers from 20 October 2020. These unique packages aim to improve access to immersive digital content for primary and secondary school students as well as to develop students’ digital skills. The common goal of Vodafone Hungary and Mozaik Education is to fight against social inequalities by providing access to high-quality educational content for the next generation and improving their digital skills using interactive learning content.

As part of the new Digital Education Packages, users can get unlimited access to mozaWeb, Mozaik Education’s digital educational platform, which contains more than 1200 interactive 3D scenes, 1200 videos, 120 subject-related tools and games, 780 audios, 5300 images as well as numerous exercises and worksheets to support education and learning in the digital space. Also, these packages include digital textbooks as well (1 or 5 freely chosen, primary or secondary school textbooks), which, together with the interactive content, help to process new knowledge and to deepen and practice the acquired knowledge.

“High-quality education should be available for every child. This was our basic idea, when back in spring, due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, we decided to offer Mozaik Education’s digital educational content without having to use any data from the plan. This remained our main focus when we created the two new Digital Education Packages as, for only the price of a meal, we can provide our clients with high-quality, exciting digital educational content every month.” said Balázs Révész, Vodafone Hungary’s Consumer Business Unit Director. One of the advantages of the new packages is that customers can purchase them without having to sign a fixed-term plan, this way, customers can buy this service only for a month, such as when preparing for a final test or aiming to improve marks at the end of the school year.

"Education today faces challenges worldwide. The question today is not only what to teach; it is just as important to decide how and in what form we should pass on knowledge to future generations. During the 30 years of Mozaik's existence, we have been committed to widely available, innovative, and high-quality education. This spring, we decided to make our digital content andour popular and well-tried textbooks available for hundreds of thousands of Hungarian students free of charge. Thanks to Vodafone, the provider's customers could enjoy this content with free data usage. The newly introduced Digital Education Packages aim to support those who want help to process the study materials more easily and in a more engaging way,” said Dr. Ildikó Török, Business Development Director at MOZAIK Education.

The Digital Education Package Basic, available for a monthly fee of HUF 750, provides unlimited access to Mozaik Education's cloud-based, integrated education system and includes free access to one selected textbook. The Digital Education Package Extra, available for a monthly fee of HUF 2,490, also provides unlimited access to the learning material available on mozaWeb and, in addition, students can choose five digital textbooks offered for their school grade. These interactive textbooks help make learning more exciting, faster, and more lasting; they are recommended for parents and students who want to make learning at home an entertaining experience. Customers can activate for any Vodafone monthly plan in the MyVodafone application or via online or telephone customer service. It can also be added to newly purchased fixed-term plans in the Vodafone webshop and stores. The service can also be ordered by parents; students do not need to have a fixed-term Vodafone plan. For further information about the service, please visit




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