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4 June 2014AHOY

I've found a gripping article the other day about researchers who had examined the network system of the Greek epic poem The Odyssey, mapping 1700 connections of 342 characters. Interestingly enough, they have found that the network system of the epos is very similar to that of the network systems of Facebook or Twitter.

According to the writers of the article this indicates that the poem was probably based on real events. They studied Beowulf and Iliad in a similar manner and with the same results. However, the Irish epic Tain Bo Cuailnge did not pass the test.

Therefore, I have searched for software that is free of charge and which can be exploited in visualizing networks. The solution turned out to be the open source application Gephi, which makes us pro network analyzers. We can settle the intersections one by one but it is also possible to load an Excel file and then there are several ways of visualizing the network. Although, what is it good for? We can use it to make sociograms in the class but also to discover the relation system of an ecosystem. 

Figure out where you are

29 May 2014AHOY

There is an entertaining (and extremely addictive) game based on Google Street View called GeoGuessr. Our task is simple: we are dropped off somewhere in the world, at random, and we must guess on the world map in the top-right corner where we think that place could be.

In GeoGuessr, we can walk up and down the area with the Streetview app until we discover some kind of signal (such as signs or people). I used it in one of my lessons to practise intelligent speculation and teach forming conditional sentences.

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