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mozaTravel - DIDACTA 2018 Hannover

3 April 2018Bálint Mátyás

Another year has just passed and we returned to exhibit at the biggest German educational fair, DIDACTA - which event is quite unique as it is hosted in rotation by three cities: Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover. Visiting the same exhibitions year by year certainly brings a lot to the table for us in terms of improving and developing our digital solutions. We can compare how the approach and the attitude are shifting in certain areas each year and what the stakeholders of education think of new pedagogical methods and learning tools. This year at DIDACTA one of the key topics was the growing impact of digitization so we rightfully felt at home in Hannover.DIDACTA, or as the German say, die Bildungsmesse, drew a huge number of visitors, mostly primary, secondary, and vocational school teachers and principals. Exchanging a few words with mozaBook end-users and this great group of professional educators is always a great way of collecting feedbacks.However, our team is going to return to Germany at least once again this year (the Buchmesse, the Frankfurt Book Fair is approaching fast), we can’t wait to pack our interactive screens and digital solutions, mozaBook, mozaWeb, and LabCamera in our travel bags and hit the road to DIDACTA 2019... well, this time in Cologne.

Hope to see you there.Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page regularly for exciting mozaNews and upcoming exhibition dates! You may also find more photos of the recent fairs we attended (Interpädagogica, the Bett Show, DIDACTA) in the past few months.  

New Mozaik building in Szeged

21 March 2018Bálint Mátyás

Many of you might have already noticed the Mozaik logo and our signature blue and yellow colors on one of the most prominent buildings in Szeged. We are so proud and happy to announce that our company has acquired the well-known office building - a true masterpiece of modern architecture - last year and found a new home in the heart of the city. Starting out as a textbook publisher almost 30 years ago, Mozaik Education has made its way in the Hungarian textbook market and become the largest publishing house over the years. Realizing the possibilities and advantages digitalization has to offer, we started developing our digital solutions and putting together many different departments, co-workers, and ideas… well, like a real mosaic. For managing such a huge, blended collaboration it was essential to find a place where specific divisions can work together comfortably and effectively.What’s more, the brand new office building is just a few minutes walk from our original headquarters at Klauzál square where our monthly partner trainings are held. The shops, cafés, and beautiful buildings of the nearby Kárász street provide an amazing Mediterranean vibe that makes strolling through this downtown area a true delight.Our one and only 3D department, who is responsible for delivering the coolest 3D models around, has just moved in and settled down in our new office. Of course, as we’re advancing into the new year, other departments are sure to follow.

Our aim with the new building is to construct a creative community, comprised of enthusiastic startups and promising companies whose innovative ideas are a good fit with our own philosophy, which might also lay the groundwork for a potential partnership in the future.

mozaTravel - BETT Show 2018

9 March 2018Bálint Mátyás

At Mozaik the new year always comes with a busy schedule for our team as the largest edu-tech fair in the world, the BETT Show is traditionally held on the last week of January. Preparation for the show starts early not only for the organizers, but also for us as we try to make the most of our annual London trip. One thing is for sure: BETT 2018 was truly a show to remember.

35,000 visitors came together at ExCel London this year to find out what the future and the present holds for schools around the world and see the latest trends in education first-hand. Exhibiting at BETT for the 6th time in a row, it was great to see many familiar faces stopping by our stand just to say hello or share some nice experiences of using mozaBook and mozaWeb. Of course, hosting new visitors and presenting them our digital solutions feels amazing, too, as the pure excitement on the faces is always worth the hard work on and off the exhibition.Fortunately, our meeting schedule was completely full during the five days. Among many other companies, it was a great honour to host two groups of Ministry delegations at our stand as well. Liliya Hrynevych, the Ukrainian Minister of Education and the Saudi Arabian company Tatweer also paid a visit to know more about the integrated mozaLearn system and explore the possibilities of a cooperation in their respective countries.

What’s more, our certified mozaWizards had the opportunity to introduce our ed-tech solutions, including mozaBook, mozaWeb and LabCamera, at the Hungarian Collective Stand in the form of 15-minute presentations.Speaking of LabCamera, our webcam-based natural science laboratory (and by the way the most recent addition to mozaLearn) was officially introduced at the BETT Show for the first time and the debut was a major success! In this day and age, interactivity in the classroom is not an optional extra anymore and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education plays a super important role in modern schools. Therefore, we were proud to present our software,  which not only helps carry out scientific observations and measurements, but makes it 100% easier and more fun!The BETT Show in London was just the first step as we are advancing into the new year, but it already set the tone for the rest of the exhibition season.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events where you can meet us and visit our Facebook page for more photos.

London, see you next year!  

This time during the year everybody gets crazy about Christmas, Advent, gifts etc. Neither we forget about the reality around us – if you haven’t done it yet, just have a glimpse at our 3D Christmas Calendar and every-day treats waiting for you there.

However, we would like to share another nice mozaBook story with you. Just a week ago we had a great opportunity to combine our mission to share the good practice about edu solutions with passionate teachers around the globe - as well as help out Santa a bit. We were happy to got invited to Poznań, Poland to deliver mozaBook trainings to a number of ICT enthusiasts. There were a couple of places we visited aroung the city, out of which let us mention the very special one where we spent the day of December the 6th. Thanx to Ms Ewa Superczyńska, the director of the institution, we were warmly hosted by the Poznań Teacher Training Center (ODN by its Polish shortcut), a place that is definetelly one of the most important locations for all the teachers and educators from Poznań.

We offered our time and expertise to methodologists that participate at our mozaBook very basic training and show them how they can implement new digital solutions and modern technologies in school education in Poland. Everybody worked hard there, definetely deserving a reward. So as 6th of December is the day of Santa in Poland and in other countries, we didn't hesite to bestowe a little gifts to all the participants - a mozaBook demo cards so that they can get more familiar with mozaBook later.

Not only did we hold the training itself, but also heard and answered a number of questions raised by the participants. Although we had only for 3.5 hours scheduled time, the participants amased us being able to create their own short presentations with animated objects from our media library as well as from their own resources. Verily, mozaBook again proved to be modern and user-friendly solution for people with different background and expertise-level.

Remember, if you haven't tried it yet, Christmas is all-year-round here with us - there is always a monthly trial period waiting for you! Enjoy and share the good practises with others!

mozaBook at SCHOOL 2017

12 December 2017Bálint Mátyás

We love being on the road and presenting our innovative education solutions, but it’s also great to see our partners demonstrating the mozaLearn system at the biggest expos and edu fairs of the world. Fortunately, the last two weeks of November were extremely busy, as while our team was participating in the Interpädagogica exhibition in Salzburg, our partner company, Officeday presented mozaBook and mozaWeb at the exhibition SCHOOL 2017 in Lithuania.Officeday was among the 104 exhibitors who represented themselves at SCHOOL 2017, which was held in the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre, called "Litexpo”. SCHOOL is considered to be the most significant annual event of the local educational community for a good reason! This is where school founders, heads of education centres and schools, representatives from businesses and NGOs, teachers, students and their parents meet to learn and share their best practices.

This year 17,800 visitors - students, teachers, and parents - attended the exhibition, during which state-of-the-art devices and educational solutions, such as mozaBook, were presented. Furthermore, the organizers made sure that the schools and municipalities would have the opportunity to share good examples and experiences as more than 170 training sessions were organized, combined with creative hands-on workshops.Besides its new products for schools, Officeday successfully introduced mozaBook with its brand new 3D models, videos, tools and games at the exhibition; during the show, they organized several events for the visitors to test and experience the software first-hand.What is more, they delivered an amazing presentation of mozaBook at the expo. In the first part of the presentation Lukas Genys gave a comprehensive technical overview of the mozaLearn system and the Mozaik brand, then the second presenter, Asta Jankauskiene took the stage. Asta, who is the first mozaBook expert teacher in Lithuania and works in Klaipeda Gedminu Progymnasium, introduced mozaBook as a learning tool for teachers, gave some tips and demonstrated how to prepare the best lessons with the software.

We’d like to thank the entire Officeday team for their hard work at the exhibition and all the visitors for stopping by and trying mozaBook. The winter holidays are almost here, but so many new experiences are awaiting next year. See you in January at the largest EduTech Fair, Bett 2018 in London!

It’s not hard to make a case for the interactive 3D models being the most eye-catching content mozaBook has to offer, so it would be a waste not to take all the additional advantages they can provide for teachers and students. Among the Tools and games, one can find two brand new applications, the 3D puzzle and the Rotating game, with the help of which skill development has never been more fun!  

3D puzzle

Every kid loves puzzles and the benefits of playing with puzzles has been well documented over the years. Puzzles significantly improve not only the cognitive skills of children in the early stages, but also the fine motor skills, and, of course, memory. Focusing on these aspects, at Mozaik we aimed to take this one step further by developing the 3D puzzle in mozaBook. Our 3D puzzle can effectively improve and develop spatial perception and consciousness, which are extremely important in every walk of life (as a basic example, just think of riding a bicycle).

Spatial perception can be defined as being aware of our relationships with the environment around us. Therefore, when our spatial perception functions ideally, it allows us to make sense of our surroundings, as well as situate and orient ourselves in them.     

That being said, your task with the 3D puzzle is to place the colorful objects in the right place with the help of the shadows on the walls and on the floor. The rule is rather simple, however, completing the task is far from easy.

The game helps you interpret the environment more effectively and make the necessary adjustments. Thanks to the interactive interface, the kids are able to zoom in, rotate, and move the screen in order to use the shadows as helping guides.

Rotating game

Rotating game is another skill development tool in mozaBook where the main goal is to assemble fragments of broken 3D models by rotating them.

 At first glance, it might seem almost impossible to rotate the fragment panels (looking nothing like a meaningful object) into the right place to copy the target object, however, as while working on the task, we’re getting closer and closer until we eventually find the right balance and the image starts to come together.

Certain advantages need to be mentioned in the case of both games. First of all, they can provide the children with a specific goal during playtime, and accomplishing this goal brings instant satisfaction and a sense of pride to the little ones (and speaking from personal experience, yes... to the big ones as well). Moreover, both the 3D puzzle and the Rotating game require special skills that are rather important nowadays, namely creative thinking and problem-solving skill.

The children have to make decisions: which object goes where.

Analyze the situation: which way should I continue rotating.

Finally, they have to come up with new strategies to solve the exercise when they feel stuck.


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