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No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

Kelly Kennedy – 17 October 2016

With the functionality of Mozaik’s software, you can address the variety of your student’s understanding and play to their strengths rather than the conventional ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching.  

Grab a VR headset and go!

Jessica Mizerak – 29 April 2016

We think our 3D scenes are already cool, but today we’d like to announce it to the world: our 3D models just got even more amazing! More than 60 3D scenes can now be used with a virtual reality headset through the new mozaWeb 3D viewer.

Teaching presentation skills at school

Olga Pushkina – 17 April 2016

The ability to create a concise, well designed, and persuasive presentation is a skill that is hard to overestimate in the modern world. In fact, success in some business roles is almost entirely up to one’s presentation skills. A good presentation can take you a long way.

Test your students using historical personalities!

Olga Pushkina – 2 February 2016

History is a core subject, but the way we teach History at school presents a real challenge. History can be extremely interesting, but it can also be extremely dull, especially when it is turned into the endless memorization of dates, taken out of the wider historical context. Mozaik is passionate about History and really wants this wonderful subject to flourish in classrooms all over the world.

The power of 3D in education

Jessica Mizerak – 5 January 2016

The third dimension is the best dimension! 3D holograms, images, and now printing- 3D is a way to view things that has continued to fascinate us for decades and still today shows so much potential in a variety of industries. This post explores the benefits of using interactive 3D models in the classroom.

3D animation for teaching about human blood

Andrea Horváthné Kunstár – 1 December 2015

Most pupils are interested in learning about their own body and about how it works. However, it can be difficult to visualize and understand how tissues work, especially human blood. These problems can be solved with the help of a 3D animation about human blood.

Tools and Activity Ideas for Teaching the Geography of Great Britain

AHOY – 30 November 2015

Ever been in the situation where your students had difficulties imagining what on Earth you are talking about? Travel back in time and show students events and objects from history, show them with 3D animations and tools. The following lesson plan provides you with ideas to teach the geography of Great Britain.

Plant Water Transport – Lesson Plan

AHOY – 25 August 2014

What does the vascular tissue consist of? What do the terms "xylem" and "phloem" stand for? What do they look like? What are vascular bundles and what types do they have? How can they be examined? The following lesson plan provides ideas for teaching plant water transport.


AHOY – 4 June 2014

I've found a gripping article the other day about researchers who had examined the network system of the Greek epic poem The Odyssey, mapping 1700 connections of 342 characters. Interestingly enough, they have found that the network system of the epos is very similar to that of the network systems of Facebook or Twitter

Figure out where you are

AHOY – 29 May 2014

There is an entertaining (and extremely addictive) game based on Google Street View called GeoGuessr. Our task is simple: we are dropped off somewhere in the world, at random, and we must guess on the world map in the top-right corner where we think that place could be.

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