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European honeybee

Honeybees produce a sweet and nutritious substance, honey.


NAD⁺ is a coenzyme that plays an important role mainly in catabolic processes, while NADP is important in anabolic processes as hydrogen carriers.

Southern wood ant

An ant colony consist of a queen, male ants and workers.

Amoeba proteus

Widespread heterotrophic unicellular organisms with constantly changing shapes

System of public utilities

System that satisfies consumers’ demands of water supply, wastewater disposal, electricity, heat and gas supply and telecommunication.


ATP is the main source of energy for cells.

Ancient Greek pottery

The masterpieces of ancient Greek potters are important archaeological artefacts.

Comparison of real fruits and pseudofruits

The pericarp of real fruits develops from the carpel, while the pericarp of pseudofruits develops from other parts of flowers.

The upper gastrointestinal tract

During swallowing food travels from the mouth cavity into the stomach.

Horse chestnut

This animation demonstrates how horse chestnut trees change throughout the seasons

Blood vessels

The three main types of blood vessels in the human body are the arteries, the veins, and the capillaries.

What is the time?

A game to practise the use of analogue and digital clocks.

Water turbine, generator

Water turbines convert the kinetic energy of water into electric current.

El Niño

A periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean every five years.

Native American settlement (Crow Nation)

The Crow are Native Americans who inhabited the Yellowstone River valley.

Types of surface epithelium

Surface epithelia cover the external and internal surfaces of the body

Attack of Pearl Harbor (1941)

The United States entered World War II after the devastating attack by the Japanese navy.

European mole

Moles are small subterranean mammals with modified, spade-like forelegs.

Dividing Space into Regions by 3 Planes

Division of space by three intersecting planes in several different arrangements.

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