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Is the buoyant force with you?

In this lesson, you will learn about buoyancy and the conditions of floating for objects.

Am I healthy? Can I be ill?

“Health” and “illness” refer to two opposite states of the body. This lesson is about these states.

Legends and facts – Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein’s life is surrounded by numerous legends, but the facts about him are also quite interesting.


This lesson presents the harmful effects of addictions on the human body.

What happens on the surface?

Learn how fluid molecules interact with each other and their environment.

Why are there deserts and ice sheets on Earth?

This lesson explains the reasons and consequences of the formation of climatic zones.

A glance into space

A lesson about the structure of the Universe and the Solar System.

Would you like to get a puppy?

Dogs are our loyal companions. Learn about their anatomy and behaviour.

The invisible killers, or What can we do against carbon oxides?

In this lesson, you can learn about carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

What happens in the garden?

A lesson about gardens, plants and their organs.

Ancient Egyptian deities

Dive into the mysterious world of Ancient Egyptian religion.

Is glass a liquid or a solid?

A lesson about the special properties of glass, the process of glassmaking and the various types of glass.

Where do flies go in the winter?

Houseflies are among the best-known animals, they can be found in every region inhabited by humans. Let's learn about these arthropods.

The anatomy of the heart (intermediate)

This lesson introduces the position and anatomy of the heart, as well as the blood flow and heart sounds.

Let's measure things

Playful tasks for practising measurements, quantities and units of measurements.

Do fish drink?

In this lesson you will learn more about the life of fish.

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