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Where does energy come from?

A lesson about the most common energy sources.

I study at home: Herbs and medicinal plants

In this lesson, you can learn about various herbs and spices.

Insects vs. insectivores

In summer, meadows are full of noisy bugs. Like always, if there are a lot of bugs, there will be a lot of animals feeding on them as well.

Newtonian mechanics

What happens when a rocket is launched? Why do we fall when the bus brakes? Let's learn about the laws of motion.

There was a time when...

Most of us are attached to the place where we live. We can discover changes day by day.

The mysterious Maya civilization

The Maya civilisation developed on the Yucatan peninsula, in Mesoamerica.

Geothermal energy

Where does the energy of Earth come from and how can we use it?

The one who came, saw and conquered: Julius Caesar

A lesson about the personality and legacy of Julius Caesar.

Why does your hair stand on end?

Let's perform experiments related to electric charge.

Why should we eat grapes?

A lesson about the properties of grape plants.

Water below the surface of Earth

A lesson about the various types of underground waters and their properties.

The cabbage family

A lesson introducing various plants in the cabbage family

Gothic art

Gothic art was a style of medieval art that developed in France.

Who was Isaac Newton?

Let's learn about Newton's life and work.

They used to have time to..

Learn about the past and traditions of education.

A glance into space

A lesson about the structure of the Universe and the Solar System.

What material are objects made of?

Learn about the properties of materials that objects around us are made of.

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