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The material and energy flow of households

Apartments are like living organisms, there is a constant exchange of energy and materials between apartments and the environment.

Decrease the amount of waste

Humans produce an increasing amount of waste. A change in our lifestyle could significantly reduce the production of household waste.

From root to leaf

Let's follow the path of water in plants from the roots to the leaves


Learn about the concepts of floor plan, map, and map scale.

Show that you can make a change

Our physical and mental health, as well as our inner harmony, determine our relationship with the external environment.

Water below the surface of Earth

A lesson about the various types of underground waters and their properties.

Show what the life of children will be in 50 years

Think about the impact that the current natural, environmental, economic and technological changes taking place in the present may have on our future.

The cabbage family

A lesson introducing various plants in the cabbage family

Who was Isaac Newton?

Let's learn about Newton's life and work.

Why should we eat grapes?

A lesson about the properties of grape plants.

Journey from source to mouth

Let's follow a river's journey from its source to its mouth.

Space adventurers: Space travel

In this lesson you will learn about the presence of humans in space in the past, present and future.

Why is weather capricious?

In this lesson, you will learn about the weather and its elements.

Is climate permanent or changing?

This digital lesson is about climate and factors that can modify the climate.

Arthropods in the water

Arthropods can be found on shores, on the surface of waterbodies and underwater.

Show how wonderful the world is

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature in this project.

Rome vs Carthage

This digital lesson tells the story of the Punic Wars.

Let's go fishing!

This lesson introduces the anatomy and lifestyle of fishes through the examples of the common carp and the European catfish.

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