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The circumference of the Earth has already been calculated in ancient Egypt. The calculations turned out to be rather accurate, considering the conditions...

Transport in Venice

Everyone may be familiar with forms of local public transport, like buses, trams and the underground. However, there are also cities on Earth where these...

The history of the car

Here are a few interesting facts about the history of the modern car.


Lemurs only live on the island of Madagascar. Here are a number of fascinating facts about them.


Handball is a popular sport in Europe, and has also become an Olympic sport in recent decades.


The Renaissance is a period in Europe, considered the bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history.

Leaning tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its unintended tilt.


Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany as well as its most populous city.

The history of television

Let’s see how television broadcasting has evolved over the years.

The golden ratio in painting

The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that is commonly found in nature and arts.

Blood donation

Donating blood can save lives, since patients often need various blood products for their recovery.

Brownian motion

Brownian motion is the continuous random motion of particles mixed in a fluid, caused by their collision with the constantly moving molecules of the fluid.

Earthquake model

This experiment models the formation of earthquakes.

Sculpture of ancient Egypt

Symmetry and frontality were important values in Egyptian sculpture. These characteristics lent an air of serenity and strength to the statues.

Upside-down glass of water

This video demonstrates that the force resulting from air pressure acts upwards too.


You can always find earthworms in humid soil with sufficient humus content.

The surface tension of water

Surface tension, a special property of water surface, and the spherical shape of water drops are due to the attraction between the water molecules.

Tortoises mating

How do tortoises mate with each other having those giant shells? It might be hard to imagine at first, but if you watch this video, you’ll see.

Dyeing a flower

We spray a transparent liquid on the petals of a flower and watch it turn purple. Let’s learn the chemical trick behind this phenomenon.

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