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The volume and surface area of a juice box

In this video we calculate the volume and surface area of a rectangular cuboid: a juice box.

The surface tension of water

Surface tension, a special property of water surface, and the spherical shape of water drops are due to the attraction between the water molecules.

Test tutorial

Let’s find out how to use the Test Editor tool.

The process of glass production

Glass items are an integral part of everyday life. But how are they made?

Extraction of crude oil

Let's take a look at the process of extraction of crude oil at a typical oil production plant.


You can always find earthworms in humid soil with sufficient humus content.

Plotting parallel lines – Solution I

Let’s plot line g such that it is parallel to line e and passes through point P.

35mm cinema projector

Watch this video to learn how a cinema projector works and how a film appears on the screen.

Reflecting a circle across an axis

Axis t and a circle with centre O and radius r are given on a particular plane. Let’s plot the mirror image of the circle.

How airbags work

A compound called sodium azide is responsible for the operation of airbags.

The hot ice experiment

The words hot and ice together? There must be a trick somewhere. Let’s have a look.

Plotting a perpendicular to a line at a given point P on the line

Both line e and point P, which is situated on it, are given. Let’s plot line g to include point P on line e so that it is perpendicular to line e.

Plotting a perpendicular on a line from a point P that is not on the line

Both line e and point P, which is not situated on line e, are given. Let’s plot line g such that it passes through point P and is perpendicular to line e.

Archimedes' seesaw

In this experiment, we use buoyancy to study the balance of two glasses of water.

Plotting parallel lines – Solution II

Let’s construct a rhombus such that one of its sides lies on line e and point P is one of the vertices on the opposite side.

Dog tricks

Man's most loyal friend is the dog. They are excellent at guarding houses and can also be taught to perform minor tricks for us, too.

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