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Anti-gravity water

This experiment shows how a handkerchief can hold a glass of water.

Tea bag rocket

You can make a cool rocket, using a tea bag and a little fire.

The mysterious Northwest Passage

A possible sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans was sought for centuries. This video is about John Franklin’s tragic expedition.

Water thermometer

An easy way to make your own thermometer at home!

CD hovercraft

This simple experiment shows how you can make a floating CD using ordinary tools.

Istanbul – An Eastern metropolis heading for the West

One of the most important cities in history is the largest metropolis in present-day Turkey.

The production of ethylene and its reaction with bromine water (observation)

Ethylene, produced by the heating of polyethylene, changes the colour of bromine water.

Magic water barrier

Due to the temperature differences the liquids do not mix.

Clothing in Turkey

Women’s clothing varies from country to country in the Muslim world. Let’s take a look at the example of Turkey.

The math behind the lottery

A lot of people have certainly dreamt about winning the lottery. But how big is that chance? Let’s do some math!

World's simplest motor

A simple but cool looking motor you can build at home using ordinary tools.

The European beech

The term beech is used for several species of trees growing from North America to Asia, i.e. all over the northern temperate zone.

Venice, the city of canals

All of these names suggest that Venice is a place worth visiting. Suffice it to say that today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy....

Rising water

Another cool but easy science experiment you can do at home.

Reverse illusion

See how you can reverse an image using a glass of water.

Electric cornstarch

A little electricity from a charged balloon causing the cornstarch mixture to move towards the balloon.

The discovery of America

America was discovered by several groups before the Europeans arrived, but was forgotten after. One thing is sure: Columbus was not the first one.


Tel-Aviv is a major city in Israel, located on the country's Mediterranean coastline. It is known to be the financial center and the technology hub of Israel.

Home-made compass

This experiment shows how to make a home made compass.


Swimming is popular both as recreational activity and sport. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports.

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