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Chemists in the Arctic

We are in the northern reaches of Norway. This place will be home for three weeks to this team of chemists from Central Europe.


The horse was domesticated by humans for its versatility. There are more than 300 horse breeds today.


The appearance of snowdrops signals the arrival of spring. It is a protected species in many countries.

Resonating air column

The amplified sound of the tuning fork indicates that the tuning fork causes the air column in the tube to resonate, producing a standing sound wave.

High Tatra Mountains

This fold mountain range is the highest section of the Carpathian Mountains, but the smallest range in the world by area. Its highest peak is the...

Production of hydrogen gas

Let’s make hydrogen gas using zinc powder and hydrochloric acid and see what lays the foundations for hydrogen-fuelled cars in the distant future.

Mammals of the Savannah

This video shows mammals living in the hot climate zones of the Earth, for example lions, elephants, giraffes, etc.


Cattle are the most widely used domesticated ungulates. They are kept mainly for their milk and meat, but their skin and horns have many uses as well.

Tortoises mating

How do tortoises mate with each other having those giant shells? It might be hard to imagine at first, but if you watch this video, you’ll see.


Granite, one of the hardest rocks on Earth, is believed to have been formed during the Paleozoic Era. This granular igneous rock is often used in the...


The mangalitsa, a Hungarian breed of domestic pig, has a woolly coat similar to that of sheep.

In the countryside

Leisure activities in the countryside are a great way of spending our free time. Active rest provides us with new experiences and keeps us healthy.


Horseshoes are mystical objects; they are thought to bring luck. Watch how the ancient profession of farriers is still practised today.

Common dandelion

Every March, children love plaiting wreaths of dandelions. Let’s find out out more about this popular meadow plant.


The capital of the Czech Republic is not only an important economic centre in Central Europe, but its numerous historical sights also attract thousands of...


This even-toed ungulate ruminant lives in the savannas of South-East Africa.

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