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Onion processing

The onion is a perennial, bulbous plant with a characteristic taste and fragrance, caused by a sulphurous compound the plant produces.


An emblematic animal of the Andes kept as a beast of burden as well as for its meat and wool.


Chamomile is one of the best known and most widely used herbs we have. Its infusion not only cleanses the respiratory tracts but also contains...

Fig tree

This video is about the fig tree and its remarkable fruit. The fruit of the fig tree is in high demand for its various medicinal properties.


The largest terrestrial mammal of the temperate climate zones. There are two living species of bison: the American bison and the European bison.


The tiny predator of the oceans. Interestingly, the male seahorse carries the fertilized eggs in his pouch until they hatch.


Caves are underground hollows, formed by natural processes, with a depth of at least 2m. Prehistoric humans often used them as shelters.

Festival to scare away winter

In many cultures the traditional ritual of scaring away the winter is still practised, although today the performance is mainly just tourist attraction.

Neo-Gothic architecture

Elements of earlier styles often reappear in modern architecture. An excellent example for this is the neo-Gothic style.


One of the most common weeds. It can be found in fields and meadows.

Mountain climbing

A light walk in the mountains is a perfect recreational activity for a Sunday afternoon, but to conquer higher mountain peaks one needs perseverant training.

White poplar

A forest tree species characteristic of floodplains. It survives long periods of time in saturated or completely flooded ground.

Semi-arid regions

Desertification on our planet is speeding up. Semi-arid climate regions are transitional zones between arid climate zones and savannahs.

Ring-tailed lemur

This prosimian is an excellent example for a species' evolution in geographical isolation. Lemur means 'ghost' in Latin.

Wind power

Wind turbines are built primarily at places where the wind is strong enough to rotate them to produce electricity. They are particularly popular in Denmark.

Fruits of the forest

Conspicuous, bright-coloured berries are delicious food for birds but some of them may be poisonous for people.

Water lily

This indispensable plant of garden ponds, also grows wild in the lakes of plains.


The potato originates from South America. It is the most important food crop beside cereals.


This popular vegetable is an excellent ingredients of salads. It is also used in beauty industry for its skin-regenerating effect.


Donkeys are domesticated members of the horse family; they are smaller and less common than horses. In most places they are kept as pack animals.

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