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Rhinos’ primary characteristic is the horn at the front of their skull, which they use for attacking and defensive purposes.


Balloons filled with gases lighter than air will rise. This principle is used both for entertaining as well as for travelling purposes.


A plant originating from the Caucasus region, grown for its aromatic fruit.

Medieval Castle

Medieval castles had strategic functions. The state they are in today tells us if they have been attacked during the course of history.


Goats are among the first domesticated animals. They are the close relatives of sheep.

The process of waste management

Waste thrown into bins, like paper or plastic objects, go through a long process before being recycled.

Hamadryas baboon

A species of monkeys with complex social structure where hierarchical system can be clearly observed.

The Tertiary Period

Tertiary is an old unofficial but still widely used term for the geologic period from 65 million to 2.5 million years ago. The Tertiary is divided into five...

Narrow-gauge railway

Narrow-gauge railways can be great fun on an excursion. As they chug along, they provide a great opportunity for us to admire the scenery.

The terrestrial planets

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars may have they formed in much the same way, but only the Earth is lucky enough to be in the habitable zone.

Ginkgo biloba

This tree is a truly living fossil: it has gone through only minor changes since the Mesozoic Era.

Snowy owl

This owl species living in the furthest northern regions of our planet has adapted brilliantly to the harsh conditions of the taiga and the tundra.

Green iguana

A film about the green iguana, the popular inhabitant of exotic terrariums.


This plant with lovely flowers grows wild on greens, meadows and grazing fields.


One of the most common types of Anatidae, the ancestor of the domestic duck.

Komodo dragon

The largest species of lizard that lives in isolation. Even a single bite of it can be fatal.

Wild carrot

This ruderal plant, the ancestor of the carrot, can be found all around the world.


The term 'jungle' is used to describe the dense vegetation in a tropical area. Jungles are mostly located in South-East Asia, Central and South America and...


This plant that originates from China has become an invasive species.

Salt music

Watch this video to find out whether tap water and table salt are able to conduct electricity.

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