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Let's collect waste separately!

The most useful way to reduce mountains of waste is waste separation.

Allotropes of carbon

Coal is one of the most widely used energy sources. Its heating value is high; however, its exploitation is becoming increasingly problematic in Europe.

Fiery orange peel

When the essential oil from the peel touches the candle flame, it burns and creates a ball of fire.

Rome, the Eternal City

Almost every corner and building of the Italian capital is a reminder of historic events which you have certainly heard about.

The Komodo dragon

The largest species of lizard that lives in isolation. Even a single bite of it can be fatal.


Horseshoes are mystical objects; they are thought to bring luck. Watch how the ancient profession of farriers is still practised today.


Waves play an important role in forming the coast.

World War One breaks out

Why did World War One break out? Who faced each other on the battlefields?

World War One comes to a close

Who were the winners and losers of World War I? Among other things, this video sheds some light on that, too.

Glacial processes in the High Tatra Mountains

Ice can create stunning shapes. Let’s take a trip to the High Tatra Mountains and study the related phenomena.

Wind energy

Wind is one of the most important renewable energy source of our time.


Camping is a perfect outdoor recreational activity. A popular form of camping is wild camping, however, this is illegal in some countries.

Air transport

Air transport has become the fastest and most reliable way of travelling. Thanks to air transport, the pace of globalisation has accelerated significantly.

Waste management

Have you ever given any thought to what exactly happens to the waste you throw in the bin?

The ring-tailed lemur

This prosimian is an excellent example for a species' evolution in geographical isolation.Lemur means 'ghost' in Latin.

The history of domestication

In this video we present why some of the well-known animal species were domesticated.

The rhubarb

This plant in the family of Polygonaceae originates from Asia. Its name means “the root of Barbarians”. In many places it is grown as a vegetable, too.


Zither is a plucked string instrument. Its variations are common in Scandinavia and the Far East.


A popular decorative plant grown to cover porches and climb up walls of buildings.

The Daniell cell

We can generate electricity with the help of a salt bridge and by immersing a zinc electrode in zinc sulphate solution and a copper electrode in copper...

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