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Passive and active recreational activities are a great way of spending our free time. Active leisure activities help us stay healthy and gain new experiences.


The name of this plant of the Polygonaceae family means 'the root of Barbarians'. It originates from Asia; today it is widely cultivated as a vegetable.

Vegetable processing

Vegetable processing is an industrial sector that deals with the preparation of agricultural products. Cultivation and processing often happens at separate...


A mummy is a dead body that has not decomposed as a result of embalming or special environmental factors.

The snow leopard

A fearsome predator of snowy mountains. Of all the felids the snow leopard jumps the furthest.

The myth of the labyrinth

Theseus’s battle with the Minotaur, a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man, in the mysterious labyrinth.

Resonating air column

The amplified sound of the tuning fork indicates that the tuning fork causes the air column in the tube to resonate, producing a standing sound wave.


The appearance of snowdrops signals the arrival of spring. It is a protected species in many countries.

Medieval tombs

The discovery of medieval tombs can reveal numerous secrets. Let’s take a look at one.

The cymbal

When plates and membranes vibrate they deform spectacularly. These deformations, however, are hardly perceptible by the human eye, but are visible in...

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