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Ships were the first means of transport in history. Even today the transportation of goods is done mainly by ships.


The striped horse of the savannahs that pedestrian crossings were named after.

Coal formation

This video presents the different stages of coal formation.

Mountain climate zones

The decisive factor that determines the climate zones of mountains is the altitude above sea level.

The lar gibbon

A monogamous species of ape living on the trees.

The pond slider

A popular pet of children. They can be easily recognised by the patches behind their eyes.

Romanesque architecture

This architectural style is characterised by stubby, thick walls and round-arched windows. Numerous monasteries and churches were built in this style in the...

The golden ratio in painting

The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that is commonly found in nature and arts.

The quince

A plant originating from the Caucasus region, grown for its aromatic fruit.

The green iguana

A film about the green iguana, the popular inhabitant of exotic terrariums.

Putting a candle out with carbon dioxide

In this experiment we produce carbon dioxide with vinegar and baking powder.

In focus

The mass of the Moon is 1/81 that of the Earth, but it has a huge effect on life on Earth.

The Alps

The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe. Their highest peak is the Mont Blanc with its height of 4810 m.


With its length of 2850 km the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. It flows through ten countries and four capital cities.

Another war approaches

This video presents the events preceding World War II and the Nazi expansion.

Humans and nature

This video shows how humans and nature can coexist in perfect harmony with a little care and attention.

The llama

A typical animal of the Andes kept as a beast of burden as well as for its meat and wool.

Public transport

Public transport is an indispensable service in big cities. There are means of transport that run on tracks while the others are road vehicles.


Tourism has been gaining popularity since the 19th century. Among the most popular destinations are Paris, Rome and United States.

Re-lighting a candle

Can a candle be re-lit if the flame of the match does not even touch it?

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