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Glacial processes in the High Tatra Mountains

Ice can create stunning shapes. Let’s take a trip to the High Tatra Mountains and study the related phenomena.

Paper boat

Let’s make a boat from a few pieces of colourful paper and a straw!

The ring-tailed lemur

This prosimian is an excellent example for a species' evolution in geographical isolation.Lemur means 'ghost' in Latin.

World War One unfolds

Prolonged war is a great burden both for military personnel and civilians.

The American bison

The closest relative of cattle that has become almost extinct. They used to live in the prairies, today they can only be found in several national parks.

Snow line

Above a certain altitude snow does not melt, not even in summer.

Glowing heart

We burn a heart in a piece of paper with the help of oxygen produced upon the decomposition of the potassium nitrate solution.


One of the most visited regions of Romania renowned for its numerous medieval buildings, church buildings, monuments and natural beauties.

Moving drawings

We create a mobile periscope for a yellow submarine we drew.

Covering exercise books

Autumn is here - school starts. Your exercise books should not look boring... Let's dress them up!

Matchbox toy truck

Watch how to a make a toy truck using matchboxes.

Making paper masks

If it is carnival time, put on a costume! If you cover your face around your eyes, it can be good fun!

The faithful cork

How does a piece of a cork behave on the surface of a glass of water? You can examine that in this experiment.


Fold the paper here and there, chip one or two with the scissors. This is all you need to create something fantastic that looks like a snowflake.


It has surely occurred to you that your book closed accidentally and you did not have the faintest idea which page to go to. This is over now!

Waving bear

The bear we cut out from a sheet of paper has moving arms and legs! How does he do that?

Birthday gifts

Be nice to your classmates by surprising them on their birthday with handmade gifts. They will be thankful.

Sock dog

With enough patience and manual skills, you can even create a soft toy dog!

Bird food

Birds find food harder during winter but we can help them. If we do it right, we can even attract them into our garden.


Tourism is a significant sector of the economy that grows continuously all around the world.

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