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Birds are warm-blooded animals that lay hard-shelled eggs. The eggshell is made mostly of calcium carbonate.

Life in a slum

Certain social groups are not able to break out of their lifestyle forced upon them by prejudices and discrimination, so their standard of living remains low.

Problems of a metropolis

Among the problems of a crowded metropolis are the surrounding slums, homelessness and air pollution.


Species of the Ursidae family can be found all around the world. They are mostly large-bodied with quite diverse diets.

The Cold War unfolds

After World War II, Germany was divided and the Iron Curtain was drawn.

Barbary sheep

This video shows why the Barbary sheep on the savannahs bear such a strong resemblance to goats.

Housing estates

When the population of a town increases drastically, mass housing needs can only be satisfied with cheap solutions.

Big city life

The largest cities in the world are often characterised by congestion and high population density.

Paper birds

Let’s make paper birds! The more colour we use, the more beautiful our birds will look.

Salt Production

The evaporation of seawater provides an excellent opportunity for coastal countries to produce salt.

Four seasons

The continental climate zone is characterised by four seasons: hot summer, cold winter and two transitional seasons in between.


A cuboid is a polyhedron with six rectangular faces.

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