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Köbös poliplettek előállítása

A Fermat-tétel kapcsán felmerül, ha köbös triplettek nem létezhetnek, akkor köbös poliplettek vajon létezhetnek-e? Ha igen, akkor hogyan lehet őket megtalálni?
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Ringler András

András Ringler

András Ringler graduated as a high school teacher in mathematics and physics in 1969, at the József Attila University of Szeged. He received his PhD in physics in 1972, and his PhD in biology in 1994. In 2000 he became a habilitated doctor of biology at the Semmelweis University of Budapest. His main field of research was the fluorescence of biological samples. Between 2005 and 2010, he was Head of Department at the Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics. Besides teaching, he also wrote and edited numerous university textbooks and directed over 100 educational films.
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