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Video library

Categorized videos showing interesting experiments and movie clips.

Physics units

A tool for conversion between units of physical quantities

Rhythm box

Simple polyphonic rhythms, with 'musical instruments' available to children.

Time machine

People and events shown in a dynamic timeline and relations view.


A collection of fascinating astronomical images.

Solar System

Overview of the celestial bodies of our Solar System with three-dimensional display.

Function tables

A collection of mathematical and physical functions, formulae and explanatory illustrations.


Exciting game in a realistic physical environment to observe motions and forces.

Electro kit

Create simple circuits and measurements with the help of devices of variable parameters.

Optical kit

Examine refractions with optical lenses, mirrors and rays!


Everything that is worth knowing about colours.


A quick and simple way to create spectacular diagrams from built-in templates.

NASA images

A selection of fascinating images from the NASA archives.


Answer quiz questions on 12 different topics with increasing level of difficulty.


Put the numbers or words in the correct order.

Related tools & games


Interactive test editor and player.

Board games

Multi-player quiz game with various types of popular games.

3D menu

A categorised collection of 3D scenes with a spectacular search interface.

Content graph

An organised and searchable graph of all the educational content in the mozaLearn system (books, videos,......

Question sheet

Simple question sheet with text and pictures; multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct......


Basic and scientific 'paper tape' calculator.


Customisable analogue and digital clocks with current time display and exciting exercises.

Hall of fame

Portrait and information about famous people.


The periodic table with many useful filters and sorting features.

Coordinate system

Plotting points, lines, circles and functions in the coordinate system.

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