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Do I need mozaWeb or mozaBook?

05.09.16 11:21

Would you like to use it in the classroom or at home?

If you want to use interactive content and digital publications in the classroom, you will need the mozaBook presentation software. mozaBook can be used in the classroom on an interactive board or a projector only with the CLASSROOM and MULTILANG licences

At home you can use mozaWeb, as well as the mozaBook software with a PERSONAL or a STUDENT licence. Through any of these you can access your own custom content, your books and exercise books.

Read more about mozaBook licence types here.


Would you like to use it online or offline?

mozaWeb is an online platform and you need an active Internet connection to access all content within. mozaWeb can be used anywhere, on any computer and you only need a web browser to use it.

The mozaBook software must be installed on your computer or tablet. A great advantage of mozaBook is that it can also be used offline, without an active Internet connection, to open tools, digital publications, exercise books and the interactive extra content included in these.


What would you like to use it for?

On mozaWeb, you can open your digital books and exercise books, and play the interactive extra content included in them. You can play the interactive content of the Media Library, open the tools, arrange and save settings in them, or complete your homework assignments.

In mozaBook, in addition the functions described above, you can also create your own exercise books or digital books from PDF documents, and enrich them with the interactive content of the Media Library. You can also make drawings, add notes or make animated presentations.

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