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Will we have a future?

Will we have a future?

Imagine the city of the future

Spoznavanje narave

Author: Iván Zsuzsanna

Reviewer: Kissné Gera Ágnes


, Prihodnost, trajnostni razvoj, Nekoč in danes, oskrba s pitno vodo, električno omrežje, javne službe, Čas, Prebivalstvo, Earth, varstvo okolja, tv mesto, odpadki, recikliranje, izum, Načrtovanje, Zdravje, Izobraževanje, Nakup, šport, javni prevoz, project, cartoon, spoznavanje narave, ekologija, biologija

Povezani dodatki

Povezani dodatki

Do we have time to help others?

It is important to pay attention to each other, to learn about different, real life situations and to know the reasons for those.

There is still time to...

We must live in such a way that our descendants can live in the future too.

There was a time when...

Most of us are attached to the place where we live. We can discover changes day by day.

They used to have time to..

Learn about the past and traditions of education.

Show how wonderful the world is

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature in this project.

Show that you can convince your family

Saving energy is a task for everyone, because the energy consumption of the Earth’s population is increasing very fast and it can soon exceed the Earth’s...

Show that you can make a change

Our physical and mental health, as well as our inner harmony, determine our relationship with the external environment.

Show that you can work together.

Only communities can make significant changes that contribute to a sustainable development.

Show what the life of children will be in 50 years

Think about the impact that the current natural, environmental, economic and technological changes taking place in the present may have on our future.

Decrease the amount of waste

Humans produce an increasing amount of waste. A change in our lifestyle could significantly reduce the production of household waste.

Ima veter energijo?

Ta lekcija prikazuje stare in nove načine uporabe vetrne energije.

Kako lahko uporabimo energijo Sonca?

Ta lekcija razlaga, kakšne so možnosti uporabe sončne energije.

Kako lahko uporabimo energijo vetra?

Ta lekcija razlaga, kako se uporablja vetrna energija.

Kako lahko uporabimo sončne žarke?

Ta lekcija razlaga, kako se uporablja sončna energija.

Sonce, vir energije

Ta lekcija vas bo poučila o Soncu in uporabi sončne energije.

The material and energy flow of households

Apartments are like living organisms, there is a constant exchange of energy and materials between apartments and the environment.

User manual

A guide about the meaning of icons found in digital lessons and the possibilities of using them.

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